Jemila Love RN.  She is Conscious Birth and Death Doula, Certified Hospice worker and  an initiate of Osasuke & Reiki. She has hosted and organized free healing clinics offering free food, free healing and spiritual guidance to others since 1992.

Jemila is a 30 year yoga & meditation practitioner who has studied under the guidance of Sufi & Yoga Master Isa Love. She has devoted her life in love and service to all who come to the spiritual community where she currently serves as President of New Being Project, a 501 c3 Colorado and California non profit organization.

Ruby Love, M.A.,M.Ed.  Ruby is a certified Hospice worker, educator & health professional. She has  specialized in working with children & the  elderly for over 30 years and has studied and practiced the Yogic, Tao, Buddhist, Shamanic and Sufi spiritual traditions for as long.  


She is trained and certified in the Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement/Feldenkrais, and Somatic Experiencing for trauma resolution.

Sophia Moi-Meme has a BA in interpersonal and organization commucation from University of Illinois at Chicago.  She is a Master of Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Healing. 


As a 28 year yoga practitioner, she is formally trained and certified in five styles of yoga; hatha, kundalini, tao, tibetan, gyrokinesis and two esoteric paths, sufi and tantra.


She is a conscious love and relationship coach and a guide and inspiration to authentic living, dying and all transitional states of life.  Her passion is in guiding others to have both clear intention, direction, practical application and completion in each stage of one’ life.