Starting in the womb, the New Being is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to all the impressions and energies around it. This is an important time to keep the environment full of LOVE. This will provide the New Being with a strong, LOVING FOUNDATION that will carry on through his/her entire lifetime. 





Our background includes home birth, water birth & hospital birth. We offer assistance in whichever method of birth you choose. We work with MDs and Midwives. Additional resources include The Sevador Program, yoga, meditation, sound practice, Labyrinth Readings and inspirational teachings. 



The Sevador Program

The Sevador provides a very unique and necessary service for a NEW BEING to enter this world. When a being enters this world, the Crown Chakra is FULLY OPEN FOR FORTY DAYS following birth.This means that this New Being is fully connected to the upper spiritual realms (or God) for forty days. 


The Sevador's function and intention is to provide and maintain a Sacred Space for the New Being, the Mother and the entire family so that this connection is not interrupted. This provides a very nourishing environment where the family can closely bond and is privileged to enjoy this forty day opening. 


The Sevador provides continual support to the Mother and family. A nutritious diet is provided. Sacred Space is maintained through the practice of Seva (the work performed by the Sevador; taking care of the home, preparing food and fulfilling the needs of the mother and newborn). Mantra and Ceremony is also provided which maintains and enhances the environment of the home. Above all, this FORTY DAY CONNECTION is respected and honored. This is a most beautiful gift to give to a New Being, Mother and Family. 

Should you be interested in the sevador program for your family, please use our contact page and we will contact you to answer any questions regarding the program, fees and what you can expect.  

“The opportunities for parents to form a relationship with the baby in the womb are significant and remarkable This contrasts sharply with the previous view that prenates did not have the capacity to interact, remember, learn, or put meaning to their experiences. Only a decade ago, doctors typically told pregnant mothers and fathers that talking to a baby in the womb was useless and unrealistic. Now there is mounting evidence for memory and learning in utero and for precocious communication before the stage of language. These abilities of unborn babies underlie the successes reported in a series of scientific experiments with prenatal stimulation and bonding. They are also a basis for the personal stories occasionally shared by children and adults about their experiences before birth.” 


~~David Chamberlain, Ph.D